Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thing 23

23! I did it! I really didn't think I would finish on time a week ago. It was difficult to find time on the the weekends to work on this. It is a part of my job, I know, but it already is difficult to accomplish all that I need to during the work day. Thanks to spring break, I was able to sink my teeth into it and make it to the end. Yea!

I will try to continue to add to my knowledge base and share it with the staff at my school. This is where we are headed and I hope to be able to help those trying to get there themselves.

Thing 22

I will try to keep up with blogging and getting more comfortable to joining, signing up, adding comment on blogs, feeds, etc. I thought about this at the very beginning of the goal. How do I remember everything and continue to learn. I know that all I need to do is do it.

Thing 21

Inspiring! This thing was great to go through before the end. I liked the articles and the video that I placed in my blog. I think media people are by nature ones who go above and beyond. We are always striving to be knowledgeable in all aspects of our job.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Thing 20

Interesting. I have not been on Facebook or Myspace before. Yes, I do have teenagers, but they are not members at this point. I have read a lot about both sites. I'm not sure at all if this is something for elementary kids. The age, after all, is 18. Our school kids have been found having myspace accounts, but since it is set up to be an adult site, I don't see that I will ever use this idea. I checked the libraries who do have accounts and I think they are doing a terrific job at getting the attention of teens and teens reading. Go to where the teens are is a very smart idea for public and secondary libraries. I may be able to incorporate some of the ideas into my web page, however. Photos of kids with books and writing/podcasting their reviews would be fun.

Thing 19

I browsed through the site and wonder if it is as religiously based and biased as I think. Once I saw several religious podcasts listed under education, I questioned. No thanks.

I like the yahoo site, probably because it is most familiar to me, I suspect. With further investigation, I suppose it may not be as easy to locate a specific podcast as with other sites. I liked

I tried looking at a few elementary school podcasts and was impressed with their quality. I think this could be fun to do with favorite books or favorite authors, but time is definitely an issue. I'm not sure how to add that to my website. I struggle with it now.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Thing 18

Fun! I am getting to like you tube-a lot. I also like to search teacher tube for educational videos. I loved the video that was added to the 23 things site. I have seen it before, but it is always fun to see again.

I chose the video for no special reason here. I searched for library content, but I am at home, and it takes forever and I don't catch the whole video, so I can't be too picky here.

Now that SMART Boards are in our classrooms, you tube videos are becoming more and more common in our lessons. It works and it works well.

Thing 17

Oh I'm so embarrassed! I have been a media specialist for several years, and I have yet to make the ELM resources a daily reference source. I always mean to, but I tend to go other places first. We have made the site available to all of our families, but without the ability to always have kids on computers to research, I haven't pushed kids towards the site. I now have a media web site that I have started to add reference sites to so that students can find the right site quickly. I'm excited about this and have already put a few sites to work for us.

It was good to get back to this site and search around.There is a lot that the state has to offer.